About Wildlife Research Center

In the late 1950’s, two young brothers John and Brian were paid a bounty of 10 cents by their father for every mouse they caught near the outside of their house.  The brothers first tried cheese as bait, since mice in cartoons always loved cheese.  The results from cheese weren’t as good as expected.  Then experiments began with different baits on the mousetraps.  The goal was not just to find a bait that worked better than cheese, but to find a bait that the mice really went for and would attract every mouse that went near it.  From these humble beginnings the spark was kindled and the earliest foundations laid for what was later to become America’s Top Brand®.

In the 1960’s the family moved to a more remote location with many animals around.  Always eager to improve on their success, the brothers soon began to think about the different scents that different animals reacted to.  Whenever they would see anything written about scents attracting animals they would really dig into it.  From there it was just a short step to conducting experiments in hopes of learning how to improve upon what was available to hunters at the time.

After years of hunting trips, hobby experimentations, and lots of trial and error, the brothers, with help from their Dad, hit on an irresistible formula that attracted deer like nothing they’d ever seen before  – Trail’s End® #307®.

Being sportsmen and wanting to share their hunting success, in 1983 they made Trail’s End® #307® available to their fellow hunters through mail order magazine ads.  When it came to finding just the right name for their company, they decided Wildlife Research Center® best described what their business was all about.  But this was just the beginning.

It wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.  In 1983 they spent about $10,000 on magazine ads to sell Trail’s End® #307®.  That year they sold enough Trail’s End® #307®, so that they took in a little over $1,000.  It was a tough start, and a long hard road.  It wasn’t until their 9th year in business before they were able to receive any pay from the business.

Now, even though the money was very minimal, they were able to work at Wildlife® full-time.  With their passion for finding new and better ways to hunt at full boil, they continued testing and researching products non-stop.  As they were able - hour after hour, day after day, they experimented with formulas and tested them in the woods, examining all of their findings and refining their research until they had produced the best products available.

They developed more attractant scents and masking scents for hunting Whitetail Deer, and other kinds of big game as time went on.  Additionally, Wildlife® brought unique and innovative scent dispensers to the market, like the Ultimate Scrape-Dripper®, a temperature activated liquid scent dispenser for use at scrapes that was made to drip only during the daytime.  It really helps to get the bucks worked up and come in during daytime hunting hours!  It was a total breakthrough for scrape hunters.

They came out with their Pro-Wick® scent dispensers, the special synthetic felt wicks that totally changed the direction of the scent dispenser market.  Other break-through scent dispensers followed.

In the 1980’s they also began researching and testing scent eliminator sprays. Scent Killer® Spray was a total break-through.  It was the first Odorless Formula™ scent elimination spray on the market.  Its performance was extreme.  Amazingly effective in the field, Scent Killer® has also been found to be 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University, and it works for days after drying. New Super Charged® Scent Killer® has been found to be even more effective.

Besides the brothers, there is a crew of great people at Wildlife Research Center®.  They really care about their customers.  They work hard to make great product and get it out for the hunters.  Most of the people at Wildlife Research Center® have been there for a long time.  They do a great job, making sure hunters have the best scent products available and are happy to be working together.

Besides the work done by people inside the company, they also work with top scientific experts from outside of the company.  Combining the best resources, best field and lab testing methods, and strong relationships with independent labs & top scientific experts, to help them find new ways to improve your performance.  

Today, as part of their ongoing commitment to be The Gold Standard® in scents and scent elimination, they continue to do what has always worked before. 

“We built our business on the trust of hunters, along with a deep respect for wildlife and the sport of hunting.  We offer a full 100% Money-Back Guarantee on everything we sell.

The packaging explains how to use each product.  This website offers a lot of good information on product usage and general integration of various products into your hunting for maximum results.  See the Field Photos and Trophy Gallery.  Perhaps you have a photo to send in – check out these sections for more information.

“If we didn’t feel fully confident, offering you our 100% Money-Back Guarantee on any particular product – we wouldn’t consider offering the product!”

Good hunting!