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Steve Wright
"Hi my name is Steve wright I am from Newberry Fla. the buck was harvested in SW Alachua county on private land . the night time photos were take from a cuddy back camera on October the 17th 2014 I did not get any more pictures of this buck I figured he was passing though looking for does . And then on November the fourth he showed up when I was least expecting to see him again . that morning I used a tarsal gland from a seven point that I had harvested a week earlier And dosed down with doe estrus from the wildlife research center dragging from a string looped around my boot 7:50 am the birds in front of me flew up startled . I said to my self some thing had to make them fly up . a few minutes later I just glanced with my eyes to a trail to my right and caught him just out the corner of my eye . so I just froze as he turned and walked Quartering toward the front of my few when he stepped behind some small trees I got my Remington 30-06 up HE stopped 20 yards behind some bushes I was ready fro his next move three more steps out and he paused again and the crosshairs found the mark I squeezed off the trigger and then he was on the move for sure then . he ran about 200 hundred yards before he made his last step I am one proud man of this nice nine point buck. as you can tell this buck was in full rut his neck and face had battle wound scars . this buck weighed in at 152 lbs after looking at a few pictures off of my other camera that were taken the same night . I noticed he had broken off some of his right brow tine and both G2:s and g 3"s he has where looks to be like some sort of an informative knots on the bottom of both beams where it looks like he had a drop tine at one time that was broken off and the end of the right beam he has a small point where the end beam turns up . so here is my info Steve wright from Newberry fla. animal harvested in SW Alachua county buck is a nine point his total weight was 152 lbs. rifle used was a remington7600 30-06 ammo 165 grain federal fusion ."

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