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Pete Blomquist
"Here is the buck I harvested on opening day of the 2011 Wisconsin firearms deer season. I had been after this particular buck since I first laid eyes on him Christmas day of 2010. He disappeared and we were not sure if he made the winter. Then imagine my excitement when I saw fim in velvet a few weeks before the 2011 bow hunting opener. I put up a trail camera in the area and on September 23 got my first pics of him. After that hardly a day went by that he did not appear in front of the trail camera, nearly 500 pictures of him. This buck even bedded down directly in front of the camera on several different occasions. I guess you could say I was in his "bedroom". I hunted him hard every chance I got with the bow and arrow and even had a close encounter with him but was unable to get a shot. He showed up at 7:20 opening morning following a doe and the rest is history. He is by far my biggest and tapes out just over 170". This was truly a dream come true."

Special Golden Estrus®

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