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"I hunted this 7pt with sticker, 187 pounds in a little town in upstate N.Y. on the Canadian boarder.Using scent killer products; scent dripper with golden estrus, key wicks, the whole laundry system, sprayed and sprayed and sprayed some more 99%. YES I have spent hundres of dollars and been told Im crazy and insane about hunting, but none of that matters when we are enjoying looking @ the beautiful animals and food I have brought home to the family for numerous amounts of gracious meals, and let me harvest much more productive animals every year. Thank you guys for inventing and testing only for the better hunt for all men,women,boys and girls. You guys have made my hunts more excitng by the things I have seen and experienced, I have always dreamed of doing the things you do. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and all hunters. BOTTOM LINE IS THESE PRODUCTS WORK AND WHO EVER DOESNT TRY THEM ARE MISSING OUT ON AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. THANKS AGAIN to all the people who helped produce test and make itdl="93""

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