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John Klein
" I was hunting all nine days of the 2011 Wisconsin gun deer season on different pieces of public land and I hadn't seen a deer all gun season. I had already taken a nice 8 pointer with my bow on public land while using the Scent Killer spray and the Mega-Tarsal Plus scent on a scent wick. I decided to put out some scent for the last day of the season, so I put out some #1 Select Estrus scent on a scent wick. It was getting down to the last hour of the season when a beautiful ten pointer downwind of me caught the scent from the scent wick and came straight in, making a bee-line straight for the wick. I took the shot and ended up with my second buck of the year, both times using a Wildlife Research Center deer scent and their Scent Killer spray. If it wasn't for the #1 Select Estrus scent I put out the last day of the gun season, I would've probably went home empty handed that season. The buck ended up scoring 141 2/8 inches"

#1 Select Estrus®

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