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Jimmy Vegh
"After 9 years of applying for a limited entry elk tag for the Wasatch Mountains in Utah I finally drew out. After months of setting and checking trail cameras I was ready. While picking up the last of my supplies, I grabbed a bottle of Scent Killer Gold and headed to the mountains. After an opening morning full of elk bugles, but not seeing anything, I decided to spend the evening on the ridge looking down into the drainage to see where they were moving and make a plan for the next morning. After spraying myself with the Scent Killer Gold and hiking along the ridge for about a mile in 60+ degree heat, my cousin and I found a spot to sit and glass. When the sun started dipping below the hills, I started bugling and cow calling. After 5-10 minutes I got some responses but they were in the next little drainage behind me. I told my cousin I was going to go over the top and see if I could see anything. When I got to the top of the ridge and into some trees, I let out a couple cow calls. I had a cow immediately respond and start coming from about 60 yards away. I leaned against a tree and placed my muzzleloader on my shooting stick and got ready in case there was a bull with her. She came out and stopped about 20 yards in front of me, I gave a soft cow call again and she kept coming. She stopped about 3 feet to the side of me and looked right at me. She took a step toward me and sniffed my elbow, then moved her head down and licked my knee. I couldn't believe it and after a few seconds I turned my head and looked at her. When we made eye contact she jumped back and started to leave. I cow called again and she stopped about 25 yards away. I spent the next 5-10 minutes cow calling with her, as she walked back and forth within 40 yards of me. That got the attention of a bull and he started coming through the bottom of the drainage. He finally came out about 100 yards below me and came to within about 55 yards of me. He was a descent 5x6, but I had set a goal for at least a 6 point on the first couple of days. We bugled back and forth for about 5 minutes when I heard another bull coming. When the new bull got to the bottom of the drainage, the 5x6 looked down and then took off. I figured that meant this one was bigger. When he came into view, I confirmed that he was a nice 6 point and decided he was a shooter for me. As he was moving through the trees I ranged him and then cow called to get him to stop in a clearing 75 yards away. I pulled the trigger and when the smoke cleared I saw him running through the bottom of the drainage and then he disappeared. I waited about 15 minutes for my cousin to catch up with me and then we headed down to where I shot. With flashlights we were able to find a little bit of blood, but not much. We followed his tracks into the bottom, but there were so many tracks down there it was hard to tell which way he went. We decided to hike out and come back in the morning. After a restless night, my brother and I returned and were able to follow the tracks up the other side of the ridge a short way and there he was, my first elk. He hadn't gone 80 yards from where I shot hm, it was just too dark to see him. "

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