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Jimmy Rollins
"So, there I was. It was a cold frosty morning. I could see my breath as I just climbed into my deer stand. I was watching the sun come up and I just finished my hot cup of jo anticipating the morning hunt. I splashed a few squirts of Scent Killer - Super Charged on my camo so I was confident that I would stay undetected the rest of the morning. After a while sitting in my tree stand, still as the Christmas morning I might add, I heard him. He came sneaking in from the south. Like all monster bucks do he was weary. If even the slightest sense of his keen nose he would be gone like a lightning bolt. I was worried at first but then I remembered that I used my Scent Killer- Super Charged. He creeped in at about 20 yards, downwind of course, and I came to full draw. I was wrestling around two thoughts in my head just before I let my broad head eat. One was that I was about to kill a buck of a lifetime and two was the thought of me bringing home some of that jalapeno-cheese summer sausage to the little lady for supper. Well, I don't think that I have to tell you the rest of the story because there he lays. A picture speaks a thousand words! Thanks Wildlife Research Center. Couldn't have taken this monster without you!"

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