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Gary Gosda
"Here is a picture of a monster buck i took 10/21/10 in north western wisconsin using your products. From: Washing all clothes in the Liquid Scent killer, Scent killer Deodorant, Scent killer Super Charged spray. Mock scrape made on 10/11/10 with your mock scrape with the two step product. 4 oz of Active Scrape. Bucks and does on scrape by 10/12/10 at night. Was out of town and did not hunt until 10/20/10. I was confident that as the pre-rut started ramping up i would get the bucks in daylight hours as I have in past years. On 10/21/10 I put on 2 Quik wiks with Mega-Tarsal @ 3:00 PM. 6:18 PM this nice buck came in down wind right to the mock scrape at 11 yards the rest is history! green score 154, 208 lbs, 14 point. Great prodcuts and yes they do work when you do everything right! thanks"

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