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David DeGarmo
" I am a lifelong hunter. I have used WRC products for years, but this story is worth sharing. I live in Southeastern Louisiana, and am an avid bow hunter. Although I am very aware of scent control as a bow hunter, when bow season opens it is usually still too warm to bundle up in layers of scent control clothing. I usually suffer through the heat, but this year I decided to try something different. I washed my clothes in Scent Killer clothes wash, then showered with Scent Killer and used Scent Killer anti-perspiration deodorant. I hunted opening day in 80+ degree heat wearing exactly what you see in the picture, shorts, t-shirt, and boots. The three guys who hunted with me that day thought I was crazy, but they can vouch for me. I wore shorts and tee shirt hunting! I harvested this 6-point that day, using only Scent Killer products for scent control and no other cover smells or clothing. Just thought you would want to hear from the field how well your products work! "

Scent Killer®

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