Information about CWD and Hunting Scent Products

Questions about CWD...

We care greatly about the deer and the tradition of hunting. It is the responsibility of all of us to protect this precious resource for future generations.

Wildlife Research Center® has been following the issue of CWD closely for well over a decade now.  We have ongoing communications with the facilities where our urine comes from, various Wildlife Agencies, and top experts on this subject matter. In addition, we are a sponsor of the CWD alliance.  Wildlife Research Center® takes this issue very seriously.

We can all be extremely confident that we are not spreading CWD by using urine based scents.

Based on the science and research out there, any risk of CWD being able to be spread by urine is extremely, extremely low.

Erring on the side of caution, all of the urine we use in our products comes from facilities that are fully monitored (which means, all of the deer at the facility over 12 months old that die, are tested for CWD by a Federally approved testing lab).

Furthermore, Wildlife Research Center®, the Archery Trade Association, various other Scent Manufactures, Urine Suppliers, Wildlife Agencies, and Top Wildlife Disease Experts have all worked together to create the ATA Deer Protection Program, bringing the scent industry to an even higher level.

Numerous studies have tried and failed to show CWD can be transferred from diseased deer to healthy deer with urine.

In all of our searching and communication with experts, only two published studies we know of suggest any possibility of a link between urine and CWD transmission. Both studies involved experimental and artificial/extreme protocols that are clearly not present during normal use of a urine based hunting scent.

For example, in one of the studies, urine from clinically sick CWD positive deer was concentrated (10 fold) and injected directly into the brains of mice that were genetically altered to be susceptible to CWD.  In this study 1 out of 9 mice became infected.  Obviously hunters are not going around injecting deer urine into deer brains with a hypodermic needle.

Based on the experimental conditions, results and other consideration, Nicholas J. Haley, DVM PhD the lead author on both of those studies, has advocated to wildlife agencies against banning the use of urine based products, because the risk is so low.

There is a lot we still don't know about CWD and we are not willing to take any chances...

All of our urine comes only from facilities that are in continuous CWD monitoring programs approved by the National CWD Herd Certification Program under USDA-APHIS.  All of them have been continuously monitored for well over 5 years.  That means, every deer 12 months or older that dies at the facility is tested for CWD.  No CWD has ever been found in any of those facilities.

If CWD ever is found at a facility, urine from that facility will no longer be accepted.  It is simply in the best interest of any urine collection facility to have healthy deer.

The ATA Deer Protection Program...

To further err on the side of caution, and bring us all an even higher level of confidence, the Archery Trade Association, in a collaborative effort with Wildlife Agencies, Top Wildlife Disease Experts, Scent Manufacturers, and Urine Collection Facilities, has established the ATA Deer Protection Program.  The additional steps and requirements of this program brings the standards to an even higher level, to protect the herds that are supplying the scent industry's urine.

Wildlife Research Center® is proud to be a participant of this program.

Our packaging and advertising will proudly display the ATA Deer Protection Program logo and the website where you can find out more about the program.

With all of the additional steps this program provides, combined with the monitoring and the virtually zero risk of urine transmitting CWD, we can all be extremely confident that we are not spreading CWD by using urine based scents.

Scent companies and the retailers selling the products are good for the outdoors and the sport of hunting.  We heavily promote the sport of hunting, donate to hundreds of hunting related causes, groups, and organizations, help bring in new hunters, bring the sport to a higher level and to higher levels of success.

It is our goal to contribute to the science and do our part to prevent the spread of CWD.